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Cantarelli, Ilaria
García Díaz, Bianca
Gressier, Emilie
Martínez Rivas, Carmen

What’s the acid rain?
Acid rain is a rain or any other form
of precipitaton that is unusually acidic.

What causes acid rain?
Acid rain is caused by the burning of fossil fuels.
Burning oil, gas and coal in power statons releases
Sulphur Dioxide into the atmosphere. Burning oil
and petrol in motor vehicles puts nitrogen oxides
into the atmosphere.
These gases mix with water droplets in the
atmosphere creatng weak solutons of nitric and
sulphuric acids. When precipitaton occurs these
solutons fall as acid rain.

History of acid rain
Though acidic rain was
discovered in 1852, it was
not untl the late 1960s
that scientsts began Widely
observing and studying the
phenomenon. The term
"acid rain“ was coined in
1872 by Robert Angus Smith.
During the last decade, acid
rain has been a major concern
because it contnues to
contaminate large areas of our planet.

Acid rain occurs in the areas of major industrial
emissions of sulfur dioxide and oxides of
nitrogen .

What problems are caused by acid rain?
Acid rain causes a range of problems.
Acid rain:
increases the acidity levels of rivers, lakes and
seas. This can kill aquatc life. Acid rain increases
the acidity levels of soils. This can kill vegetaton
has been found to destroy the roots and leaves
of forests and can erode buildings and

Areas threatened by acid rain

Acid rains occur in highly industrialized areas
where emissions of SO2 and NOx are very large.
However, due to transport by wind, can affect
areas located thousands of miles of issuers.
The most affected places are:
-Europe: The most threatened areas are
northern and central Europe.

- North America: The highly urbanized and
industrialized regions of eastern Canada and
northern and eastern United States, are the
most threatened.
- Asia: Acid rain is emerging as a major problem
in the developing world, especially in parts of
Asia and the Pacific where energy use has
increased and the use of coal and oil with sulfur
is very high.
The negatve effects of acid rain have also been
observed in Brazil and Venezuela.

North America


Measures that can be taken to reduce emissions
of precursor pollutants of this problem include
the following:
-Reduce the maximum level of sulfur in different
-Work with statonary sources in the industry to
establish reductons in gas emissions, using
technology to control emission of these oxides.

-Promote the use of natural gas in various
-Enter the three-way catalytc converter.
-The conversion to gas in vehicles and
government business enterprises.
-Extension of electric transportaton system.
-Installing control equipment in various
-Do not add many chemicals on crops.

-Additon of an alkaline compound in lakes and
rivers to neutralize the pH.
-Controlling combuston conditons.

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