Acid Fast stain

Topics: Staining, Oxygen, Bacteria Pages: 1 (120 words) Published: December 3, 2014

1. The smear is coved with carbofuchsin for 5 minutes then was the slide carefully with distilled water 2. When washing the slide you should tilt the slide and aim the water above the smear washing over it 3. To stain decolorized cells you will need to cover the smear with methylene blue for one minute. 4. You should not wipe the slide but instead gently blot it

5. Cells with high lipid content stain red with carbolfuchsin and the stain isn’t removed by acid-alcohol. Acid fast negative cells are decolorized by acid- alcohol and are stained blue with methylene blue counterstain

Bonus: Acid- Fast stain is stained bacteria that aren’t decolorized by acid alcohol. This stain is used to identify Nocardia and mycobacteria.
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