Acid/Base Balance

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Review Sheet
Exercise 10
Acid/Base Balance


1.Match each of the definitions in Column A with the appropriate description in Column B.

Column AColumn B
F 1. pH

E 2. acid

D 3. base

A 4. acidosis

B 5. alkalosis

C 6. carbon dioxidea. condition in which the human body’s pH levels fall below 7.35

b. condition in which the human body’s pH levels rise above 7.45

c. mixes with water in the blood to form carbonic acid

d. substance that binds to H+ in solution

e. substance that releases H+ in solution

f. term used to denote hydrogen ion concentration in body fluids

2.What is the normal range of pH levels of blood and tissue fluids in the human body? 7.35 to 7.45

3.What is the difference between a strong acid and a weak acid? Strong acids release H+ more than weak acids

4.What is the difference between a strong base and a weak base? Strong bases raise pH more than weak ones

5.What is the difference between respiratory acidosis/alkalosis and metabolic acidosis/alkalosis? One is caused by respiratory and one doesn’t

6.What are the body’s two major physiological buffer systems for compensating for acid/base imbalances? Renal and respiratory

Respiratory Acidosis and Alkalosis

7.What are some of the causes of respiratory acidosis?
Impaired respiration and hyperventilation

8.What are some of the causes of respiratory alkalosis?
High Altitude and hyperventilation

9.What happens to blood pH levels during hyperventilation? Why? pH level decreases because of the elevated carbon dioxide levels in the blood.

10.What happens to blood pH levels during rebreathing? Why? pH level increases because there is too little carbon dioxide in the blood.

11.Underline the correct boldfaced terms:

As respiration increases, PCO2 levels decrease and pH levels rise

As respiration decreases, PCO2 levels increase and pH levels fall....
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