Achilles VS Hector

Topics: Iliad, Achilles, Priam Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: June 7, 2015
Achilles VS Hector
In the Iliad, several of the male characters show heroic characteristics, according to the heroic warrior code of ancient Greece. They try to win glory in battle, yet are often characterized as having a clearly human side. They each have sure strengths and weaknesses, which are evident at many times throughout the conflicts described within the Iliad. Prime examples of such characters are Achilles and Hector. These two characters have obvious variations in their approaches to fitting the heroic mold to which they both try to conform. However despite their variation and therefore the reality that they are fighting for opposing sides and meet one another with hatred in battle, they even have various similar traits that logically lend themselves to a comparison between the two men. They both display behavior that could be described as heroism.

Hector and Achilles are similar in many ways. They are both great warriors, and the best in each army; Achilles is the greatest warrior on the Greeks side and Hector is the best warriors for the Trojans. They also are both proud and will never back down from a fight. For example, Hector refuses to come inside the city walls, even as his father and mother plea for him “Dear son, don’t try to hold your ground against this man” (Fitzgerald).

However, throughout the Iliad, differences are also apparent between Achilles and Hector. An example in which Hector and Achilles use different approaches to heroic behavior is in Book 22. Hector decides to remain outside the city, while all the other warriors are safely inside the walls from the fast approaching Greeks. Priam, Hector’s father, sees Achilles and the rest of the Greeks advancing on the castle so he warns his son to get behind the walls to remain safe. Pride and honor play an important role in Hectors life and prohibit him from obeying his father. His fearless confrontation of his fate and destiny is a very heroic action. However, Hector flees from...
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