Topics: Homer, Odyssey, Iliad Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: May 5, 2013
In Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad, it seems that in the event that a character exemplifies traits of hubris, or excessive pride, it is viewed as a major character flaw. In Greek mythology, one’s pride or self confidence was viewed as their most valued character trait. In the Iliad, several characters, whether mortal or immortal display numerous traits of hubris. Moreover, Homer shows his audience how a character’s hubris can lead to complications between other characters or even a character’s downfall. For example, The Iliad’s protagonist, Achilles, begins to show signs of hubris which unfortunately leads to his untimely demise. It is evident those character’s who show constant signs of hubris, are so full of pride that they make the wrong decisions, thus leading to further complications along their path. The main character that exemplifies the most hubris is Achilles. Achilles is a pure icon for greatness. Ever since Achilles was born, he was fated for greatness. It is said that almighty Achilles was granted the gift of invulnerability when his mother Thetis dipped young Achilles in the river of Styx. Unfortunately, Thetis didn’t dip his heel in the river, leaving his feet the only part on his body that was vulnerable. Achilles display of hubris comes solely from his invulnerability. An excellent example of Achilles hubris is when Agamemnon strips Achilles of his maiden Brisies. The enraged and prideful Achilles refuses to fight for Agamemnon. As a potent warrior, the Greeks viewed Achilles as a symbol of victory and unity. Therefore, when Achilles refuses to fight for Agamemnon, the Greeks lose that sense of victory and unity, thus leading to many deaths on the Greek side. Achilles hubris not only affects his life, but the lives of the Greek warriors. Throughout the epic poem, Achilles’ hubris begins to have a greater impact on his actions and the choices he makes as the poem carries on. At the start of Book One, the audience receives a sense of the importance...
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