Achieving Project Goals Simulation

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Achieving Project Goals Simulation
University of Phoenix
Project Management
March 8, 2007

Achieving Project Goals Simulation
Projects may take on various forms based on the necessity of an organization. According to the University of Phoenix Week Two Overview (2007), project requirements will form the foundation in which the balance of the project is built. However, Project Managers must first establish the needs of the stakeholders and provide a project plan which includes the cost and time frame the project will be completed. In addition, projects requirements should be clear and concise to ensure the Project Manager stays within the limits of the project. (University of Phoenix, 2007) For example, in Week Two simulation the Huduma Foundation needed to transport eight elephants across African to a safe habitat. Huduma Foundation is a non-government organization dedicated in the rescue and relocation of wild animals in Africa. In addition, the above organization receives its resources from wealthy individuals and multinational companies. (University of Phoenix, 2007) This paper will identify some limitations that were identified in the simulation, and how the simulation changed my perspective on project management. First, the approach to project planning is to first outline the “work breakdown” in a logical hierarchy, so all individuals who specialize in different procedures at different time lines can be most effective. (University of Phoenix, 2007) In addition, to have a successful Project outcome the Project Manager must visualize the final outcome and plan for bottlenecks during the project. (University of Phoenix, 2007) For instance, in the simulation the goal of the Huduma Foundation was to get 8 elephants transported to the airport before the plane departed, which was an extreme challenge. The elephants had to be sedated the loaded onto trucks, and placed on airplanes while they revived from the tranquilizer. However, this task became...
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