Achieving Goals in My High School Life

Topics: High school, Spirituality, Goal Pages: 1 (502 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Chris Collins
Ms. Lowry
English 9
Word Count: 500Diagnostic Essay
This is my first year at Benedictine and it is important for me to get my high school career started off on a positive note. In order for me to do that I must excel academically, athletically, and spiritually. It is very essential that I achieve the goals I have set for myself. Although this is my first year at Benedictine this is not my first year in high school. Having attended another high school last year I feel like gives me advantage because I know the level of work ethic it takes to succeed in high school. My academic goals consist of making 1st or 2nd honors, improving my communication skills, and organization. I would like to achieve this honors goal by setting aside some time to study. I want to make sure I review my materials every night to keep the information fresh in my mind. I would like to achieve my communicate goal by contacting my teachers early if I have a problem with homework or the topic we are learning. In order to stay organized I need to make sure I clean out my book bag every week. Also, I should make sure I keep my homework papers in a folder so I don’t leave them at the house by accident. The athletic goals I am focusing on achieving this year is getting at least 5 tackles or TFL’s a game, improving my footwork, and earning a starting spot. I plan on reaching that number of tackles a game by continuing to practice my defensive end moves. Improving my footwork is going to be accomplished by using my jump rope every day when I get home. Unfortunately, my teammate and close friend Clelin Ferrell experienced a season ending injury. Although, it will be hard to overcome the adversity, I will have to step up as a freshman and play big minutes. My goal is to become more spiritual and I feel this is a goal I can realistically achieve while at Benedictine. I believe working on my spiritual growth will give me a better understanding of myself and my purpose. At...
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