Achieving Goals

Topics: Master's degree, Bachelor's degree, Postgraduate education Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: April 12, 2008
Sonia Baker


What does a graduate degree mean to me

Obtaining a graduate degree is a lifetime achievement for me and my family. A graduate credential would provide me with a better quality of life because graduate students earn higher salaries. The online study program will allow me to commit a few hours weekly and I decide when and where to study. I feel that the Master of Science specialization in Change Leadership is a unique opportunity that will help me to combine a broad knowledge of business and management principles with a knowledge of successful leadership based strategies. The degree itself is very challenging and rewarding. It means advancing my career in the Management field and unlimited opportunities for growth and development

Why I choose Kaplan University.
Kaplan University is committed to helping me develop the skills and techniques I need to take control of my professional destiny. They are one of the nations premier providers of educational and career services. Attending Kaplan University means learning from world class faculty and support staff professionals, interacting with other motivated students and engaging in simulations, discussions, and multimedia presentations which are all essential in positioning me to gain the knowledge and credentials I need to achieve my goals. Kaplan can help me build job-seeking skills, improve my resume, establish networking contacts and advance my career after graduation.

Earning the master degree in Science Management offers a great deal of convenience and flexibility where I can plan my study time to fit into my busy working schedule. Kaplan University has such high academic standards and prestige which allows me to be proud of what they stand for and give me confidence in their degree program. No matter where my career takes me to, Kaplan has the tools, resources and advisors to help me achieve the ultimate success.
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