Achievement Essay

Topics: Energy development, Wind power, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 6 (2258 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Achieving Results
How is achievement defined, and what are the values behind achieving? People can have different ideas and personal definitions about what achievement means, which explains why the dictionary’s definition is very broad. Achievement is defined by Webster’s dictionary and thesaurus as simply being “a result gained by effort” (“Achievement”). The definition of achievement in my discipline of Environmental Science is certainly linked to the dictionary definition, but the results of the effort are defined in my discipline. My definition of achievement adds an emotional aspect to succeeding. Webster dictionaries have been trusted as reliable sources since they first were published. The dictionary definition of the word “achievement” is “a result gained by effort” (“Achievement”). This is a very simply stated definition that has a broad applicability. Any kind of effort, big or small, has a result, and thus something is achieved. The dictionary that this definition came from is a nationwide known dictionary for reference that is used in the academic setting and personal setting. This is a very reliable source that relates to the general public’s view of achievement. Being in the Environmental Science discipline, the definition of achievement generally revolves around helping the environment and human society. The mission statement of the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment states that “through research, teaching and outreach, faculty, staff and students are devoted to generating knowledge and developing policies, techniques and skills to help practitioners manage and conserve natural and environmental resources to meet the full range of human needs on a sustainable basis” (“About the School”). The University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment’s mission statement is credible because the school helps people obtain degrees in environmental science, and it gives the graduates tools to achieve in society. This school is one of the schools in the nation to help make its students authorities in the Environmental Science field. This mission statement relates to the dictionary definition because by putting forth effort, as described by the mission statement, results are obtained, which the dictionary illustrates as achieving. This mission statement asserts that awareness, policy making, and conservation (which needs funding), related to the environment are important factors of achieving the goals of the school and all that are involved in it. Awareness can be achieved through the education of younger generations to promote future changes, through reports and articles written on research relating to the environment that are published for the general public, and even protesting and exercising a person’s freedom of speech. Policy making is related to the conservation of the environment. To achieve making policies, lobbying must occur and be successful, and then the Senate’s and House of Representatives’ support must be obtained for policies to be put into effect. Policies can range from conservation efforts, to restrictions, or to funding. The conservation of the environment is a very aggressive effort. To achieve conservation, policies have to be made or alternate solutions and activities must be used, in both the business and personal worlds. This could be using alternative light bulbs, different transportation to work, recycling, using recycled paper, just to name a few. Conservation of the air, water, energy, and other natural resources are major goals of the Environmental Science community. Funding for conservation and awareness is crucial and includes funding for research projects, funding for alternative energy usage, and funding the conservation of natural resources such as forests and their wildlife. I chose an article to show an example of how spreading awareness can sway people’s opinions, and help the environment. The article I chose by a professional in...

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