Achieve Your Dream Letter

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Achieve your dream letter- Melanie Ngai

I am an ordinary teenager named Melanie Ngai. I study at Kiangsu Chekiang College International Section. I live with my parents and brother, sometimes my grandfather in Mid Levels. I’ve known some of my friends from primary, which is a long time. I live in Hong Kong. I have gone to Kiangsu Chekiang International Section and Kiangsu Chekiang College International Section since Kindergarden and now I am in grade 11. I have a Canadian passport.

I like spending my time playing tennis, football, and basketball with my family and friends. I also like listening to music and playing electric guitar, I started playing guitar during January of 2011, I find it really fun. I also enjoy taking photographs of anything I can find, watching television and also hanging out with my friends. I like watching Modern Family, F.R.I.E.N.D.S , How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, CSI, Big Bang Theory, Malcolm In The Middle and many more. I also like watching baseball, football, basketball and ice hockey.

For my future, I would like to become a computer program developer or a professional photographer. I find it amazing on how computer games and programs are developed because it is a really long process which takes a huge amount of time and effort. I also hope to become an awesome guitarist because I want to create my own music and form a band in my spare time.

As a young girl, my dreams have always been to be happy, successful, and to make the best out of life at the same time. I will attend university and classes to become a computer program developer , get married, and then start a family. To be well prepared for university, I have to excel in middle and high school. In everything I do, whether it's a career or motherhood, I will strive to be the best I can. My academic goal for university is not only to get good grades, but to learn and gain experiences that will prepare me for the future. My other dream is to bungee jump, I...
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