Acheivement of Gupta Empire in India

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Culture is the way of life a group of people including their daily beliefs, and shared practices. There are two types of culture being material and non-material culture. Material culture is physical objects that displays a person’s culture; non-material culture includes a person’s: beliefs, ideas, values, and behavior. In order for a society to be considered a civilization it must have the following characteristics: surplus food, source of income or revenue, language, arts and literature, religion, government, and social structure. The social organizations include family, cities, friends, and religious groups. Customs and traditions are rules and behaviors which are both written and unwritten. 

The Gupta Empire which began around 400 A.D.; was one of the biggest contributors to upcoming civilizations. The Gupta Empire introduced art, mathematics, and a trading system. These were major contributors to developing civilization to make progress to be successful and even helped give us a jump start on information to present day. Trade was one of the biggest sources of revenue for Gupta India. They profited mainly from foreign trade. The trade market continued to blossom after the defeat of the Shakas. Silks, linen, muslin, calico and wool were all produced in large quantities. Foreign demand was very high for all these things. India now started to bring in such luxuries as Chinese silk and ivory, because the Empire’s wealth was one of the largest India had ever seen.

Architecture was a contributing factor as well; Gupta influence laid the foundation for later developments in temple design and construction. The Gupta’s brought architecture to brand new levels, unifying the Buddhist and Hindu religion that before the Gupta Empire was separate. The Hindu Temple was built as a place for both faiths to join as one; this temple became the focus of social and religious life. Before this temple, most of the temples were made of wood. 

Their art achieved freedom...
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