Achaemenid empire

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History of Iran timeline, Hakhamaneshian

History Of Achaemenidae
First Era of Persia


Persia are also of Aryan race people whose time of migration to Iran is not known. According to statements of Assyrian kings the Persia like the Medians have been under ruling of assyria for a long time as well. One of Assyrian kings, ruling during the 9th century (B.C.) boasted that he had made obedient about 27 Persia kings, and it is well-known that at the era of Sar Gon Shalm Nasar, the king of Assyra, was ruler from 731 to 713 B.C., and also at the time of Assyra Hiddin , the Persia Kings had been ruled as satellite of Assyra. After that, Persia released from yoke of Assyra and followed the Medes. It means that Achaemenid rulers, who had power here, were satellite of Medes. Herodot states: Persia have divided into 6 urban and rural residential groups and 14 tribal groups, and Achaemenid family is counted one of the most noble clan means Pasargadees clan. First Daryoush on Biston inscription says: I am the 9th king of Achaemenidian dynasty. According to the Herodot writings and documents obtained the pedigree of Great Cyrus and sequence of Achaemenidea kings up to Daryoush is as follows: Achaemenidae About 730 B.C.

1-Cheish Pash
4-Chish Pash
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anzali branch Persia branch
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-Cyrus Arya Ramn
6-Kamboujieh Arsham (Arsam)
7-The Great Cyrus Wishtasp
8-Kamboujieh First Daryoush
In accordance with this table, Daryoush is the 9th king of the Achaemenidian dynasty, and inscriptions of Second and Third Ardeshir confirm this point, since Wishtasp and Arsam are not understood as of them. But what events had been occurred that Persia captured Ilam, and as a consequent a branch of Achaemenidan dynasty was established there is obscured. Maybe this guess is near to the truth that after weakening of Ilam due to heavy wars Persia overthrown Ilam rulership at 645 B.C., and established a new kingdom in Anzan. In any case, 2nd Cheish Pash could be the king of Anzan and Pars in agreement with this opinion.

First Era of Persia
Achaemenid Kings
First-Great Cyrus

Revolt of Ikhtovoigo:

Babelees have written about this event in brief, and some of Greek historians, although done in details but with controversial. In any way Herodot states: "Medes king dreamed of one grip vine grew out of his daughter's abdomen, named Mandana and extended over all the Asia. Maji interpreted this dream as to that the she delivered a boy will capture whole of the Asia. The king thought that to marry her daughter with a man will not have any desire to rebel, and thus candidated Kamboujeih , king of Pars (and now named Anzan) that was the satellite of Medes. The boy delivered and the king ordered to his minister to kill him and the minister request from his shepherd to do so, and since at that time the shepherd' wife delivered a dead child, she hindered killing Cyrus and adopted him as her son. At the age of 12 years he became peer of ministers sons. Once the boy quarreled with peers and they brought his complaint before the king. At the first glance the king became wonderful of his bravery and dignity, and after inquiry king understood that this boy is his grandchild. Apparently king became pleasant, but after that he send Cyrus and her mother to Pars and the refractory minister made punished. And in hidden king ordered to kill minister's son and made the minister to have from his son's meat in a party and showed hand and foot of his killed son crossed in a container. Cyrus was going to be trained hoarse riding and archery in his own territory till he reached to the age of puberty and united the Persian families and revolted against the king. In the first attack Cyrus failed but he did not despair after the first defeat...
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