Acer Aspire

Topics: Management, Customer service, Service system Pages: 4 (402 words) Published: July 10, 2010
I. AAC開發Aspire的影響因素為何? 這是好的新產品開發機會嗎?

➢ Factors:

▪ To prove the add-on value for independent RBU to lead the product plan.

▪ The booming of internet, audio/video, and communication technology in 1994 created the potential opportunity of multimedia home PC.

▪ The ambition for Stan Shih to develop global brand.

➢ Good opportunity?

▪ Market demand -- yes.

▪ Organization and managing process – no. ➢

II. 描述Aspire的新產品開發流程與管理. 有何優缺點?

➢ Aspire development process and management

▪ Product planning by AAC, performing focus group market investigation to find out the key selling point: multimedia and unique ID design

▪ Product spec. defined by AAC.

▪ Outsourcing the design to Frog Design. Taiwan SBU engineers to support.

▪ The multimedia system was separated into many sub-systems. Different sub-system was assigned to a different manager and team. Then AAC did the integration.

➢ Advantage:

▪ Product planning and spec. defined by RBU – flexible and quick to react to the market needs.

➢ Drawback:

▪ Development led by AAC, which is lack of development experience.

▪ With no experience in defining the interface of subsystem, but still divided the sub-system and let them handled by different teams.

▪ Most of the venders were in Taiwan, but AAC did not trust SBU. The coordination among RBU (leader), SBU (supporter) and supplier is too complicate.

III. 為何Aspire上市後會遭遇困難? 問題來源為何?

➢ Quality problem -> return high, also the target customers are first time users ( Customer service overloaded

➢ Aspire is positioned as a global product. But the flexibility provided to RBU led Aspire into more...
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