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Topics: Employment, 2008 singles / Pages: 2 (485 words) / Published: Jul 8th, 2012
A. A farewell speech for a boss who is moving to a multinational company
Mr. Qasim, dear lecturer, colleagues, ladies and gentle men, good evening
Welcome everyone gathered around here to this very special but bitter-sweet occasion for us. I am also very much glad and honored that I am given this opportunity to share my feelings with all of you.
As much as I am contented about the fact that our respected and honorable boss Mr.Qasim Ibrahim is moving to a Multinational Company from next week onwards, I must mention how deeply this makes me and my colleagues sad deep inside from our hearts. At this moment, may I also humbly request from Mr.Qasim Ibrahim to please guide us further with his good guidance and give us the very support we require from him always.
Mr.Qasim Ibrahim is an ambitious, intelligent, analytical, cheerful, friendly, focused and an active, successful leader. These precious qualities of him has taught us a lot and helped us develop getting better employees day by day.
Let me also highlight on how he treated us in the work environment and made us a better team in good and bad times. Well it’s a fact that he likes to see his employees happy and not bored. He used to spent large sums of money on parties and office gatherings just to see his workers smile and delighted, which is one way in which he motivated us to do better at our work life. I must mention that not a single day of my job life has been boring throughout the entire time I spent in this organization. More ever, I am proud to say Mr.Qasim Ibrahim has achieved a lot of respect and designation from his team of employees.
Please allow me to utilize this opportunity to warmly thank Mr.Qasim Ibrahim for helping me personally whenever I needed assistance from him and I cannot forget his kindness and support ever. From my line of work experience and

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