Ace Project About Stopping World Hunger

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People should stop world hunger because it is causing distress.

Idea: Make more soup kitchens for the homeless. Reach out to people from this website to get ideas

How to stop Hunger in NYC : Raising wages and maximizing participation in federal nutrition programs are the best long-term solutions to ending dependence on food charity. At the same time, such federal spending is proven to add a significant boost to the economy. The fights to end hunger and the fights to end poverty are intertwined - without proper nourishment, obtaining and keeping jobs as well as concentrating in school become more difficult. Living-wage jobs and education are the best tools in combating poverty. Food stamp/SNAP benefits assist people in obtaining nutritious food as they attempt to go to school and find stable jobs that will eventually help them move beyond the soup kitchen to self-sufficiency.

Facts about hunger from a website quoted from a website:
#1: Hungry families may be your neighbors.
While many equate hunger with homelessness, the vast majority of hungry Americans aren’t homeless; they just earn too little money to afford all the food they need. Hungry families live in urban and rural areas – and increasingly even in the suburbs. Most hungry families are white. #2: Most hungry Americans are either low-wage workers, children, senior citizens, or people with disabilities. USDA has found that, out of families with children suffering from food insecurity and hunger, 68 percent contained at least one adult working full-time, 10 percent had at least one adult working part-time, seven percent had an unemployed adult actively looking for work, and eight percent were headed by an adult with a disability. The main problem is low wages and few jobs, not laziness. #3: Hungry Americans can also be overweight.

Because low-income families have more difficulty affording the most nutritious foods, and because low-income neighborhoods are often “food deserts” that lack healthy food options,hunger and obesity are often flip-sides of the same malnutrition coin. Some Americans falsely believe that some low-income people are obese because they shop poorly, fail to cook at home, or choose to eat too much fast food. But a recent study proved that the vast majority of low-income families cooked at home at least five nights a week, and desperately struggled to serve healthier food. Another new study also found that middle class people eat fast food more often than low-income people, which shouldn’t be surprising since SNAP (food stamp) benefits generally can’t be used to eat at restaurants, including fast food restaurants. #4: One of the most effective ways to reduce U.S. hunger is to increase participation in federal nutrition assistance programs. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, the National School Lunch Program, the National School Breakfast Program, the National Summer Food Service Program, and the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program all work quickly and effectively to get food to those who need it most. #5: History proves that federal nutrition assistance programs have worked spectacularly well. As late as the 1960’s, teams of doctors were able to find pockets of Third World-style hunger and malnutrition in America, which generated significant media reaction and political attention. In response, Presidents and Congresses worked together in a bipartisan fashion to expand the Food Stamp Program and federal summer meals programs for children from relatively small pilot projects into the large-scale programs we know today, and also created the National School Breakfast Program, as well as the WIC Program that provides nutrition supplements to low-income pregnant woman and their small children. These expansions succeeded remarkably in achieving their main goal: ending starvation conditions in America. In 1979, when investigators returned to many of the...
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