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Empire Accretia
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Empire Accretia
Hero: Rotan the 3rd
Special Weapon: Launcher

* "The Accretian Empire follows a totalitarian regime where goals are for the Empire, a thought that is embraced by its followers. There is no feeling when it comes to the destruction of other races..." o Direct quote from


* 1 Introduction to Accretia
* 2 The Empire
o 2.1 Equipment
o 2.2 Launcher
* 3 Accretia Classes
o 3.1 Warrior
o 3.2 Ranger
o 3.3 Specialist

Introduction to Accretia

Accretia Screenshot
Accretia Screenshot

The Accretian race values technology, production and the drive to improve. Accretia entered the war to gain protection from the Imperialist Bellato Union who tried to conquer the whole galaxy. Allied with the Cora armed forces, triumph was achieved against the Union, which split asunder the Union that the Bellato tried to establish. Reestablishing as The Empire, Accretia entered the Novus conflict against forces of the Holy Alliance of Cora and the newly formed Bellato Federation.

The mechanized race that is the Accretia Empire began with the objective of extending their lives. However, this goal has gradually changed over time under the guise of building a stronger Empire. The Emperor wanted to unify the minds of all Accretians. It was thought that by linking all Accretian minds that they would be come greater than the sum of their parts. This resulted in a totalitarian government with the single dream of making the empire stronger. This regime came to control the Arcane civilization and with this power the objects of the Empire narrowed further. As the Mechanical Empire's resources dwindles, it could no longer support its own production and consumption. Their expansion was inevitable and the only option for the survival of the empire. [edit]

The Empire

The Empire Accretia has expanded their base to many Settlements, the Accretia HQ, the 213 Settlement, 117 Settlement, Crag Mine, Ether Heaven Base, Accretia Outpost and Sette Desert. [edit]

* Armor:Close-range armour has the highest defense and its use is tied to melee pt. Ranger armour has the lowest defense but has high elemental resist and increases movement and attack speed. Its use is tied to range pt. Launcher armour for Accretia has defense somewhere in the middle and increases the attack power and speed for the Launcher.

* Shield: Shield increases a character's overall armor as well as giving a chance to totally block an attack.E quipping a shield will decrease a character's attack speed and evasion. Shields also takes up a hand which will require the player to use one handed weapons.

* Weapon: Weapons are classed as melee, ranged and launcher types and further sub-classed as one-handed, two-handed and dual-wield.


* LAUNCHER - The Launcher can be used at level 15 and above. It is the special weapon of Accretia, packed with sheer power and great distance range, normal bullets give single target damage and elemental bullets give splash damage, despite of its power, it has a great delay period and can be solved by equipping Launcher required Armors.

* Siege Kit - The Siege Kit can be used at level 30 and above, enabling the Siege mode. There are two specific Siege kit, The level 30 increases Defense by 20%, Durability of 1000 shots. Level 38 one is for Flamethrower, Increases attack power by 35%, and having 1500 shots. Siege kits will vanish if it is out of ammo, and you will have to buy one for about 100,000 CP. o Siege Mode - A mode for siege kit, increasing power but doesn't allow moving from another place.

Armor Gallery
Accretia Classes

* WARRIOR - Warriors rely on their stamina and...
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