Accounting Standards

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Compendium of

Accounting Standards
(including Interpretations as on July 1, 2006)



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In the present day era, the role of accounting and financial reporting does not need any explanation or justification. Now-a-days, more and more enterprises are being managed by the professionals. The persons who provide risk capital to the enterprise do not participate in the day-to-day affairs of the enterprise and their major source of information about the enterprise is the financial reporting made by it. Apart from the providers of risk capital, there are other stakeholders also which include prospective shareholders, bankers, creditors, etc., who use the financial reporting made by the enterprise to make their economic and financial decisions. In such a scenario, it is absolutely essential that financial reporting of an enterprise is unbiased, comparable, transparent and free from bias. This necessitates the existence of a sound financial reporting system in country which is based on the Accounting Standards. Realising the need for establishment of sound Accounting Standards in the country, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), being the premier accounting body in the country, established the Accounting Standards Board (ASB) way back in 1977. Since then, the Accounting Standards Board has been working relentlessly in this direction by formulating new Accounting Standards as well as by revising the existing Accounting Standards so as to bring them in line with the best international practices. With a view to improve the quality of financial reporting in the country in real terms, it is also essential that the issues that are arising in implementation of accounting standards are addressed appropriately so that all Accounting Standards are understood and applied in the manner intended. Keeping this in view and with a view to ensure effective implementation of these standards, the Institute has also issued various interpretations, revised existing interpretations and issued announcements on accounting standards. Keeping in view the continuous changes that are taking place in Accounting Standards, Accounting Standards Interpretations and announcements on accounting standards, it is imperative on the part of the

Institute to make all such pronouncements/ announcements available in one single book and revise it from time to time. The Institute has, therefore, been publishing the Compendium of Accounting Standards which contains all new/ revised Accounting Standards and other related pronouncements/ announcements, issued upto the date of publication of the Compendium and which are existing on that date. I am happy to state that continuing this practice, the Institute is publishing this Compendium of Accounting Standards – As on July 1, 2006, which incorporates all latest developments in the field of Indian Accounting Standards. I firmly believe that this edition of the Compendium will be extremely useful not only to the members of the Institute in discharging their professional duties but also to the preparers of financial statements and other users of...

References: Framework (issued 2000) 13
Standards Board with information about its approach to the formulation of Accounting Standards
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