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May 29, 2006

Accubooks for Small Companies

There are many types of business in today's economy. You have your mid market company, enterprise solution companies, larger corporations, and your small based businesses. Each of these types of companies has different software that they use to help manage their bookkeeping and taxes. Some of the most common names in accounting software include Peachtree and QuickBooks. Typically they are used for your larger corporations and mid sized companies. They are also used in small businesses and non-profit organizations. So is there software that caters solely to the smaller based business? Yes and that is a program called Accubooks.

Accubooks 2000 accounting software is a 32-bit accounting software system using the Microsoft FoxPro database engine. ( This software is used for small businesses so they can keep track of their bookkeeping and taxes. The company that manufactures this software is called 20/20 Software, This company allows you to download a free trial of the software before you purchase it.

The system requirements for this software are Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 or higher. You can attach to files with Microsoft Access and use ODBC to integrate Accubooks 2000 with Microsoft Office. You can also convert your current software over to Accubooks. The key to converting from your current system to Accubooks 2000 is to generate reports in which the output can be saved to a file. From that file you can import data into Accubooks with tools from Visual FoxPro. The 20/20 Software, Company will also "buy back" your current accounting software. If you currently have Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree, DacEasy, or most any other accounting package, they will give you a rebate of up to $100 when you trade up to Accubooks 2000. They just require that you ship them the...

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