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Topics: Takeoff, Flight, Equals sign Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: April 14, 2013
I recently implemented controls for the flight log of the Moose Wings Cooperative Flight Club and I wanted to take the time to explain what these controls are and how they prevent and detect input errors.

The first controls that I implemented pertain to the “Member #” attribute. The first control I implemented on this attribute was a field check. The field check prevents a user from inputting a member number that contains non-numeric characters and can detect if any member number values contain non-numeric characters as well. The second control I implemented on the member number attribute was a range check. The range check allows users to only enter numbers between 0001 and 1368 which represents the number of members in the club and allows users to detect an invalid member number outside this range.

The next control that I implemented pertained to the “Flight Date” attribute. I implemented a limit check to prevent a user from inputting a date that was not equal to 09/01/10. If someone previously had entered in another date, the limit check would be able to detect the erroneous date. (Entry #1)

For the “Plane Used” attribute, I decided to implement a validity check. The validity check confirms that the plane codes entered in are actually valid codes used by the club. This prevents users from inputting codes that do not exist and detects any inputted codes that do not match any of the actual plane codes.

For the “Takeoff Time” and “Landing Time” data fields, I implemented limit checks. I did this by using landing times as the fixed values to be tested against the takeoff times and vice versa. For the takeoff time attribute, I made the control so that the takeoff times had to be earlier than the landing times. Meanwhile, for the landing time attribute, I made the control so that the landing times had to be later than the takeoff times. These controls work together to detect any errors in the takeoff or landing times and prevent the input of flight times...
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