Accounting: Recordation of Assets and Liabilities of All Continental Countries

Topics: Financial statements, International Financial Reporting Standards, International Accounting Standards Board Pages: 13 (2566 words) Published: January 26, 2013

International Accounting Systems – ACC 570

Prerequisite: ACC 557 or ACC 560

| | | | | | |Quarter |Summer 2011 | |Meeting Days/Time |Online | |Instructor |Dr. Jack McCaffery, DBA,JD, LLM, MBA | |Instructor Phone |704-576-8084 | |Instructor E-mail | | |Instructor Office Hours/Location |704-576-8084- Online | |Academic Office Phone Number |704-576-8084 |

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|INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL | |(remember to include all mandatory software) | |Choi, F. D., & Meek, G. K. (2008). International accounting (6th ed.). Pearson/ Prentice Hall. |


Surveys the accounting systems of key European, Asian, African, South American, and Central American countries, and Canada. Examines the various approaches to valuation and recordation of assets and liabilities. Also examines the complex issues regarding the recognition of revenue and expenses, as well as the preparation of consolidated financial statements of a United States corporation with foreign subsidiaries.


|Course instructor may provide additional outcomes in this section as well. |

Upon the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

a. Describe the institutional, external, and cultural influences on accounting rules and practices.
b.Analyze the international differences in accounting rules and practices. c.Describe the role of the International Accounting Standards Board. d. Explain the accounting standards of the European Union. e. Describe the accounting systems in several countries.


Week 1Introduction, Development, and Classification

Monday 06/27/11-
Sunday 07/03/11After completing the lessons for week one the students should be able to:

( explain a brief history of international accounting,
( describe the role of accounting in business and global capital markets, ( describe the three major equity market regions, ( describe European equity markets,

( explain the eight factors in accounting development,
( describe comparative development patterns, and
( describe the two different types of accounting classifications

Week 2Comparative Accounting: Europe
Monday 07/04/11-
Sunday 07/10/11After...
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