Accounting Principals

Topics: Management, Zero-based budgeting, Budget Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: May 11, 2013
One will talk about all the different budgeting processes that are required to run a successful business. Beyond budgeting will be briefly discussed along with its pros and cons for global business. One will also talk about cash flows, balance sheets and all other different kinds of techniques that will help the firms and business. In order to produce a process and accurate report it will be major requirement to meet all the assessment criteria set by my tutor.

Beyond budgeting
Beyond budgeting is an '21st' century way of budgeting, it was introduced over 10 years ago so that organisations can be more adaptive to change within organisations. One of disadvantages of beyond budgeting is that managers within the organisations will experience problems such as planing and preparing for the future because of today's uncertain environment I.e there may certain times where organisation can't meet requirements of resources because of the continuous recession. One of the way beyond budgeting works is that it enables people of the organisation to use reliable resources to satisfy customers e.g. high percentage of shareholders means people are the most valuable asset to the organisation. Beyond budgeting basically releases people with capable abilities from budget contracts so they can use there knowledge resources to beat competition consistantly in order to keep the organisation financially healthy. Beyond budgeting mainly fulfills the idea of improving management control within organisations e.g. being adaptive even in the worst conditions.

Zero based budgeting- Zero based budgeting is basically a technique of planing and decistion making which reverses the traditional way of budgeting, also it prevents budgets increasing every year due inflation. This way of budgeting benifits small firms which have an overall big budget. One of the disadvantages of zero based budeting is that it is time consuming e.g. if you are dealing with a client...
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