accounting practices on multinational companies in bangladesh

Topics: Interview, Focus group, Qualitative research Pages: 21 (5642 words) Published: December 11, 2013

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Course Title: Introduction to Statistics
Course Code: STA- 101

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Halima Akhter
School of Business

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Most.Khatun-E-Zannat 13410035 Abul Kalam 13410047 Arman Hossian 13410043

University of Information Technology &Sciences

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7th Dec, 2013

Halima Akhter
School of Business.
BBA program
University of Information Technology and Sciences

Subject: Request to accept the Term Paper on Data collection Methods

Dear Madam,

It is a great pleasure for us to submit our term paper. I have prepared this paper as a partial fulfillment of the course Introduction to statistics (STA-101). With humble submission I want to thank you for assigning use the pragmatic report on “Data Collection Methods” I have really enjoyed various stapes preparing the report. I have made strong about works and have also collected data. I thing this report enriches my practical knowledge on this report.

I would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to you for proper guidance in preparing this report. I shall be glad to answer any queries that you may have in this regard.

Sincerely yours,
ID - 13410035
School of Business.
BBA program
University of Information Technology and Sciences
(On behalf of the group members)

Executive Summary
Up to now, organic market data collection has been inconsistent, or data from different organisations and/or countries has not been comparable, because different methodologies have been used. Hence, the organic market suffers from information-asymmetry and a lack of transparency. Interpretations based on incomplete and inconsistent data might lead to wrong decisions and misinvestments. More coherent data collection and thorough data analyses are needed to overcome current dispersion and fragmentation of data sources. This executive summary gives a short overview on the current situation of organic market data collection in Europe by showing some results of a European-wide survey among data collectors. Furthermore the application of quality dimensions for the identification of ‘best practice’ examples is described in order to provide recommendations for data collection and compilation, the evaluation of existing data collection methods, and the assessment of data quality.

Table of Contents

Page no.
Types of Data Collection Methods
Quantitative Data Collection
Types of Data Collection
Personal Interviews
Advantage of Interviews
Disadvantage of Interviews
Self-Administered Questionnaire Methods
Advantage of Self-Administered Questionnaire Methods
Disadvantage of Self-Administered Questionnaire Methods
Telephone Interviews
Qualitative Data Collection Methods
Sources of Documents
Content Analysis


The collection of data may range from a simple observation at one location to a grandiose survey covering a wide area in any part of the universe. The method selected for data collection will largely determine how the data are collected. Questionnaires, standardized tests, observational forms or checklists are among the devices used to record the data.

Data collection techniques enable us to systematically collect information about our objects of study (people, objects, phenomena) and about the setting in which they occur.

In the collection of data we have to be systematic. If data are collected haphazardly, it will be difficult to answer our research questions in a conclusive way. The same measuring instrument, the same operational definition of...
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