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Executive Summary

The report is about the resource proposal which is aimed at improving the current poor situation in the company and increasing the efficiency of the staff. Our capital expenditure budget for the cost is about 316500 yuan. With the money, we need to upgrade the ergonomic equipment to make the staff more comfortable and work efficiently. Besides that, we need to upgrade the hardware, software and build network systems. These resources can not only help the staff to work more efficiently and securely but also provide a competitive advantage for the department and the organisation. In order to find suitable, affordable, secure topology , software and other equipment which have good value at a low price, I collected the information from the Internet,newspapers, reports , advertisments,and interviewed some suppliers to choose the best products. The resources that are applied for in the proposal are listed in the budget table and the proposed costs of my proposal is 275307.00yuan. Today, the competition between companies is fierce so we cannot stand still. It is time we updated the equipment and other facilities. All levels of the staff should cooperate their efforts to improve the condition of the company and promote the position in the marketplace.


The intelligence computing company was set up 5 years ago and with the technology development in the modern and competitive market, it’s necessary for us to promote the company’s image through improving the work environment as well as making our company computerized. I work in the sales department and I have a position of great responsibility at the company —I am a supervisor. Undoubtedly, it’s my duty to concern about the condition of the company and to make a proposal which is beneficial to the organisation. Furthermore, one of the parameters is that the capital expenditure budget for the costs is about 316500 yuan, we should use the money wisely.

The Present Situation

Recently, I have noticed that most of company’s work facilities need to be updated. In addition, the staffs have complained to me about discomfort. Through investigation I find that there are several problems need to be solved immediately. The following are the main problems in our organisation:

• The ergonomic equipment is not suitable.
• The hardware is outdated and the computer equipment is very slow. • There is no network and this causes many problems.
• The software at present is 10 years old.

According to the results of the investigation, the current situation is poor and this may have negative influence on our company. Therefore, it’s necessary to make great efforts to improve the situation.


I carried out my investigation a few weeks ago and I undertook the research through interviewing several mangers. Furthermore, in order to get accurate information, I made survey questionnaires, made telephone calls and collected some advertisements. The questionnaire involves some develop questions, such as” What significant changes of your company had happened in your career? “During my investigating, I encountered some problems, for example, the return rate of the questionnaire was poor and there were too much information or too many brands, so it was a little hard for me to get hold of the more reliable information.

One IBM laptop costs ¥11500 One Lenovo desktop costs ¥9450

One wireless router costs ¥4417.00 One router costs ¥360.00

One case of twisted-pair is ¥720.00 One TP-Link Switch is ¥1965.00

Wireless network card is ¥650 One case of network cable ¥490.

The Microsoft Office 2003 is¥2050 One computer firewall is¥3217

One ergonomic computer chair is¥700 One computer table is ¥800.00

Proposal Details

Intelligence Computer Company

Resource Proposal


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