Accounting & Finance for Managers

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ACFM613 Accounting & Finance for managers

College of Graduate School

Project paper: Analysis of firm’s performance using accounting ratios

Name of companies: a)

Lecturer: Dr Wong Pik Har

ACFM 613 Accounting & Finance for Managers - project paper

This is an individual coursework that represent 40 percent of your total marks for ACFM 613 Accounting & Finance for managers. Your report should be font size 12 New Times Roman and would not be longer than 5000 words. Plagiarism declaration should be included in your report. Harvard referencing is used. Include the box below the cover of your report to unable marks to be given.

Criteria |Name of student & ID |Introduction |Content |Conclusion |Total | | |20% |60% |20% |100% | | | | | | |

Choose two companies that are listed under the main board of the Bursa Malaysia.

Your report should include:
1. History and background on each company
2. Compare the financial performance using ratios for each company for 2007 and 2008. 3. Evaluate the financial strategic used by each company based on the types of financing that the company uses. Comment on the gearing levels of each company. 4. Conclusion

College of Graduate School
Plagiarism Statement

Read, complete and sign this statement to be submitted together with your written project paper.

I confirm that the submitted work is all my own work and is in my own words.

Signature: -------------------- Name (BLOCK CAPITAL): --------------------
ID no: ------------------- Date: -------------------


1.1Background of the project paper1



1. Background of the Project Paper

• separation of ownership and control has caused difficulty in gauging a firm’s performance • owners cannot see the action of managers but only outcomes in the form of the firm’s share price and its reported earnings • earnings management

• valuations measures EVA, ROA, EPS, TBR

2. Objectives of the Project Paper
• Compare the financial performance of company xxxxx using accounting ratios for 2007 and 2008. • Evaluate the financial strategic used by each company based on the types of financing that the company uses. • Comment on the gearing levels of each company.

3. Organisation of Project Paper
• Presented over four chapters, commencing with this introduction-----




1. Introduction
• This chapter is devoted broadly to the discussion on traditional accounting measurements used to evaluate a firm’s performance

2. Conceptualisation of Accounting Profits

• Firm performance is often gauged through the accounting profits listed on the financial statements • Weaknesses of accounting profits
• Conservative accounting practices
• Measurement of accounting profits
• The correction of accounting profits
• The shift from accounting profits to the new modern measurements. • Accounting profits compared to budget or some expectation. • The limitations of traditional accounting measurement • Managing traditional accounting measurement

3. Accounting Based Performance Measurement
Note: Minimum 5 articles, eg.
• Ball and Brown (1968)
• Ohlson (1990)...
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