Accounting Controls

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The Dinteman Company manufactures industrial machines and equipment. This organization also has many production departments. Because of all the equipment it provides and services it extends, Dinteman has a large repair and maintenance (R&M) department. The company appears to have a breakdown of communication and efficiency between the production department and the R&M department. This is causing costs to rise and a new system for scheduling jobs should be implemented. Data Items

The definition of data, according to Bagranoff, Simkin, and Norman (2008), “are raw facts about events that have little organization or meaning”. The data for the R&M department are the number of service requests, amount of service requests, the time estimates for the service completion, and the costs to complete these services. The data for the production department are the same with a slight difference. The production department needs all above, but also requires data afterwards including the actual hours worked to complete the job, and the cost of parts and supplies. Work Order Distribution

The Production Department initiates request and sends a copy to R&M, keeping a copy for themselves as a record. R&M prepares the estimated times and costs of completing the job and sends it to the Production Department, keeping a copy for themselves. The Production Department approves or denies the estimate, and sends it to R&M, keeping a copy for themselves. Now R&M either adjusts the service request because of the denial, or creates the work order and schedules the job. R&M would repeat the above step, or if approved, keep a copy of the approved work order, send a copy with the employee sent to complete the job, and will send a copy of the work order to the customer. When the job is complete, the employee will finish the work order by adding materials, labor, and supplies used to complete the job. A copy is given to the customer on site, kept in the employee’s file, filed in the R&M...
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