Accounting and Finance

Topics: Environment, High school, Natural environment Pages: 4 (1051 words) Published: July 25, 2013
Hanson Bay Petrol station and service centre.

1. Do you think Jim is solely motivated by profit?
I think Jim isn’t solely motivated by profit; he seems to care more about the needs of his community than making a profit in his business. However Jim is successful and experienced with his business and by appealing to the communities needs his profit increases. 2. Identify what you think are the businesses core values. The businesses core values would be the values of their customers; they provide good services to their customers. The business also believes in building trust with the local community by buying resources from other businesses. They also care about the environment by re-cycling food and paper scraps from the compost and then sells the compost to locals. They also encourage customers to eat in and they have installed rainwater tanks where they use the rainwater on the businesses native garden. 3. Identify five stakeholders of the business and explain how the business affects them. (Employees, Community, Local suppliers, Environment and customers). The business provides employees with opportunities to improve their skills. In return employees tend to stay and the businesses profit increases as well as the employee and customer loyalty. The business provides the community with things such as showcasing the area’s native plants, selling seedlings to customers and sponsoring high schools. As much as possible Jim buys his stock and other requirements from local businesses, building a relationship with other businesses could also benefit his business as they could share experiences and skills with each other to benefit both businesses. Jim seems to be very environmentally friendly, the restaurant re-cycles food and paper scraps for compost and sells the compost to customers, he installed rainwater tanks and uses the rainwater to water the businesses native garden. The business uses large volume oil waste drums were they not only use to put the...
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