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1. IntroductionPensonic
Company Pensonic is one of the most successful trading companies in Penang, Malaysia that sells a wide variety of electrical appliances. In addition to its own brand “Pensonic”, the company also owns the German brand “Lebensstil Kollektion” and owns the sole-distribution rights for the Dutch brand “Princess” in Malaysia. Pensonic also established a mass production hub and international distribution network of electrical home mechanism and an international distribution network. The trademark “Pensonic” is registered in Malaysia and is targeted for eventual registration in over 20 countries. As an extension to the company’s structure, Pensonic has two subsidiary companies that respectively own “Cornell”, a brand from the USA and obtained the sole-distributorship in Malaysia for internationally renowned brands such as GE Appliances of the USA and Morphy Richards of the UK. Pensonic’s success had been reflected by the many awards achieved in its industry, such as the highly regarded brand and industry excellent awards. It is one of the few companies that won three Prestigious Awards in the first quarter of the year 2011. The product and service excellence is seen in the company’s hard work that continuously strengthens their quality control and ensures all the aspects of products; technology and service standards are high by keeping up with the improving technology in design, planning and etc. This is made possible by the company’s highly accomplished team of dedicated engineers and technicians. Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is among the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world, operating more than 634 companies. It manufactures and markets a huge range of products and variety of electronic products under the Panasonic brand to enrich and increase lifestyles all around the world. The “Panasonic” brand name was established in 1955 and was firstly used as a brand for audio speakers. The name is a collaboration of the two...
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