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Question 1

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The most important factor behind the phenomenal American economic growth that occurred between 1840 and 1860 was

manufacturing advancements.
an increase in agricultural productivity

an increase in agricultural productivity.

an adequate supply of laborers.

a constant influx of immigrants.
Question 2

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In contrast to the Germans, Irish immigrants in the 1840s and 1850s often

worked as skilled artisans in the northeastern U.S. cities.
entered at the bottom rung of the free-labor ladder as wage laborers or domestic servants.

were the most sought-after immigrant group because they got along well with the predominantly Protestant population in the Northeast.

lived up to the ideal of wage laborers who became independent, self-sufficient property holders.

entered at the bottom rung of the free-labor ladder as wage laborers or domestic servants. Question 3

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The convention at Seneca Falls in 1848 advocated

women's rights and suffrage.

women's rights and suffrage.

the abolition of slavery.

better sanitary conditions to curb the rising infant mortality rate.

equal pay for women workers.
Question 4

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In 1855, African American leaders saw their most notable success to date when public schools were integrated in Massachusetts.

public schools were integrated in Massachusetts.

blacks received voting rights in Massachusetts.

gradual emancipation was approved in Massachusetts.

slavery was abolished in Massachusetts.
Question 5

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Behind the scenes, Harriet Tubman and other free blacks helped fugitive slaves escape from the South

by procuring ships for their passage north.

via the underground railroad.

via a complex system of tunnels.

by providing them with clothes and horses.

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