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By ice295 Jul 26, 2013 1397 Words
Accounting and Profiling Information Management System

A System Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the
Information Technology Education Program
University of the Immaculate Conception
Fr. Selga St., Davao City

In Partial Fulfilment of the
Academic Requirements for the Subject

Dayrit, John Paul N.
Evasco, Allan Christopher G.
Mendoza, John Mark N.

September 2013

Table of Contents

The Organization4
Business Environment6
Critical Success Factors7
The Current System7
Description of Operations7
Activity Diagram of the Current System8
Context Level Data Flow Diagram9
Level 0 Data Flow Diagram10
Explosions (Optional)11
Problem/Opportunity Definition12
Scope and Limitations13
Feasible Alternatives14
Alternative Solutions14
Feasibility Analysis15
The Proposed System17
Statement of Purpose of the New System17

Part I


The world changes as human continue to grow with the help of information system. People can fix one task accurately and effectively like operation of all companies. Information system plays important role since accounting and profiling Information Management Systems is already widely used all over the world nowadays. Companies could render good and fast services to people.

The recent business world has different trends of information system that are being used as we have noticed, a lot of companies have been constantly changing and updating their system most especially the big companies. Through this, Accounting Information Management Systems was developed and eventually grew in demand.

Like any other companies, accounting software has also been applied. It has been commonly used for storage and processing of financial and accounting data that is used by decision makers.

The DMI PINOY LINK IMMIGRATION VISA SERVICES (DMI-PLIVS) was established on August 18, 2006 and was founded personally by the current C.E.O Ms. Marjielen L. Reyes. Just like in any migrating agencies DMI-PLIVS serves its clients from any status in life and with its aggressive professional consultants who aims to give affordable and fast documentation with high quality service to its prospective clients. Since its creation in 2006, DMI- PLIVS have proven to help hundred of Filipinos to experience and enthusiastic group of skilled and qualified consultants, they promised to give you the best immigration services and guarantees to secure the applications of their clients correctly and without much delay. DMI-PLIVS is one of the most trusted companies in the Philippines when it comes to immigration visa services. They have proven to have favorable results to their clients based on the proper documentation and understanding the procedures and immigration policies for each specific country of your desire.

Until now DMI-PLIVS is still coping for its development due to the innovation of technology. Now a day’s most of migrating agencies are using computers to do their works easily. DMI-PLIVS is one of those migrating agencies who want to enhance and improve their information system to become more accurate than their previous system.

This study inspires the researcher to help the business to be competitive. At the same time maximizes its productivity and service to its customers and employees. It also inspires the researchers to do well in this study. So that researchers could prove to themselves that they can do it.

It is an interesting study, in a way that the researchers will cover new features that would simplify the operations. Through proceeding this study researchers could come-up with an effective and reliable Accounting and with a little of Profiling Information Management System.

What differs this from the other study is that, this study conducts as a user friendly. It can handle a large database; can produce an accurate data, as much as possible error free. It can also create a back-up file in case of data lost and lastly it secures by password protection system.

The Organization

The DMI-PLIVS was founded by Ms. Marjielen L. Reyes in August 6, 2006 and is composes of young and aggressive professional consultants who aims to help and do their best to help their clients. It was first established in Victoria Plaza Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City year 2006 and was moved to another location fronting Assumption church, F Torres Street, Davao City in September 1, 2010. We chose DMI-PLIVS as we have observed we would do much help for their business if we could be able to successfully accomplish the requested system.


“We make people our business … We make your future matters”


“To be able to provide the highest possible standard of professional service among other consultancies. We truly believe that each of our clients deserves the highest level of care, understanding, commitment and personal service we can offer.”

Business Environment

The business is located at F. Torres Street Fronting Assumption Church, Davao City. It is cited beside Allan Alforque Beauty Salon. It is easy to find because at first glance you will be able to see the signage DMI-PLIVS. Upon entering the front door of the agency you will be shocked by the warm welcome of the employees and hospitable attitudes that they have. Upon entering you will be amazed by the good architectural design that the place has and looking on the center a front desk is being placed with one computer on it, on the right corner semi-offices are on placed in which their computers are being placed and interviewing area is being cited in the other left exotic decorations, expensive furniture and a TV. At the back of the front desk comes the C.E.O office in which Ms. Marjielen L. Reyes does her work. Inside the prominence of the area there is also a Restroom and A dining room. DMI-PLIVS has two departments for now C.E.O and the HR. HR is located at the 2nd floor of the building. The place is Elegant and good at sight. The place is cozy and refreshing in the look of the eyes. They still don’t have branches yet but already planning to have 2 in the next 10 months. The business is currently operating internationally as they have business partners outside the country and their operations requires international assistance as they are offering an immigrating visa services. They currently have no MIS department and they also don’t have Information and Communications Technology (ICT) yet, but as it is, they are already planning to have them after a year. They are operating with client-server network and they are fully networked with the use of wireless network adaptors. DMI-PLIVS is a place which welcomes all clients and other people to come, A friendly place for everyone.

Critical Success Factors

Attributes that the company acquired in order to be successful on their competition with other organizations and immigration visa services businesses is that they have pleasing personality and the agents work as a team. All of them are working diligently, excellent assistance and a responsive approach is always been shown to their clients. Clients truly trust DMI-PLIVS as for in the record they have already been able to help thousands of clients migrate abroad. They were able to survive the competition by advertising their business and their services. Through Maligaya Taxi advertisement, Internet and house to house approach. On top of that the number 1 attribute they have is that people do trust them. That is what DMI-PLIVS works for and lives for.

The Current System

Currently they are using Microsoft Excel as their Information System for accounting and Adobe Acrobat for their profiling. In our gathering of data the C.E.O explained to us that it was very hard for them to compile and organize all their accounting and profiling data’s because they only have few staffs. DMI-PLIVS don’t have ERP or either MRP that is why they requested us to create a accounting system in which they will be able to use accounting and at the same time profiling if possible.

Problem/Opportunity Definition

From what you have examined in their processes, enumerate all the identified problems or opportunities. Specify the cause of these problems and explain what can happen if these problems were not solved.

Table x.x Problem-Opportunity Definition Matrix
| Problem| Opportunities| Cause(s)| Effect(s)|
Performance| | | | |
Information| | | | |
Economics| | | | |
Control| | | | |
Efficiency| | | | |
Service| | | | |

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