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This essay is about accountability in health and social care setting. Accountability requires the individual practitioner to take responsibility for their actions and the outcomes. The essay looks at the different areas of accountability such as, principles of care, delegation; four ethical principles. In this essay record keeping will be discussed. (RCN ,2008) defines accountability as taking responsibility for the actions done by a health care worker or omissions in their daily work and be able to support their reasons for all their actions and decisions when asked by their employer(NMC,2006) supports accountability as an ability to justify ones actions and being able to explains why something was done or omitted .

Assistant practitioners have a duty of care to patients, colleagues, family, to the public, employer and themselves. As according to the  Code of Conduct for assistant associate practitioner’s and healthcare support workers  state that health care workers must protect service users ,their rights, upholding their privacy and promote the interests of the service users As stated in the (General Social Care Council Codes of practice)  assistant practitioner must strive to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of service users while protecting them as far as possible from danger or harm. Confidentiality means keeping personal information about service users’ private only sharing information on a need to know basis maintaining trust with service users as mentioned in (NMC,2008) .This confidentiality is seen as an essential thing to be able to keep the trust between professional and service users

Assistant practitioner should respect the rights of the service users, whilst seeking to ensure that their actions do not harm themselves or other health professionals. They should also promote equality, protects patients from being discriminated against by sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief...
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