Accountability of Nurses

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Jayamole Cherian
NRS 430V
August, 20, 2001
Melissa Pasqua

Accountability and Concepts
Accountability means that somebody is able to explain or answerable for their actions, whatever the consequences are regardless of success or failure. Accountability and responsibility are not synonymous but related, accountability incorporate with the concept of responsibility which means to account for what has been done. Delhmer’s 2006a, p. 46). Accountability for an outcome usually concentrated on ‘who’ and responsibility is the ability to ‘respond’. The concept of accountability is to be fully responsible of what happened instead of blaming others, and the readiness to learn from that incident.

Another aspect of accountability is a formation of agreement and keeping it. An agreement is something that people agree to do or not to do, on which these persons have control and they know the importance of it. So accountability is being responsible for agreement and answerable for the actions and the outcome.

Professional accountability means explain to someone for something one has done; explain to self, client, employer, and the nursing profession (ANA, 2001). To be responsible, the employees need to arrive at right time, do their job according to description, they do not assess themselves about their performance. In the nursing field the responsibility is replaced by accountability. Porter –O’Grady & Malloch (2009).

Evidence Based Practice
Evidence based practice is the best research integrated with clinical expertise, and patient’s values. This tells us the importance of combination of clinical judgment and the best evidence, which is centered on patient care. It is a practice which is based on research...

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