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Module 3 Discussion
Suppose you were an IT Policy adviser to the president of the United States. What major changes would you suggest the president propose with regards to IT legislation and policy? Why would you suggest those changes? Who would those changes help? Who would those changes hurt? Who would likely oppose your suggested changes? Answer:

If I were an IT policy advisor to the President of the United States, I would suggest three changes with regards to IT legislation and policy as below: 1 The first change is to require a new legislation for a legal approach to IT crime and define new laws for actions taken in cyberspace as crimes. Because the IT explosion has opened up many leeway for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals are relatively easy to obtain injunctions from the court order since IT crimes are new and only occur in cyberspace. Therefore, victims are hindered by the lack of legislation in place currently to obtain their legal rights. This change would help victims to approach their legal rights and prevent cybercriminals to take advantage of legal systems. This change may impose more taxable income and hurt tax payer’s benefits. Tax payers and business owners who benefit from current US law may oppose this change.

2 The second change is to equip with IT professionals or IT departments for police departments specialized in IT crime. Because IT crimes are not violent and often hard to identify the exact location of the offenders. Otherwise, cybercriminal’s evidence can be easily destroyed or erased. This change would help municipal polices to locate cybercriminals and adopt proper legal actions based on the type of IT crimes. This change would hurt federal government budget and tax payer’s benefits because IT crimes are low on priority list of police departments now and tax payers will have to pay more income tax. Therefore, government budget administrators and tax payers may oppose this change.

3 The third change is to...
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