According to the omnipotent view

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According to the omnipotent view, managers are directly responsible for an organization’s success or failure. The symbolic view argues that much of an organization’s success or failure is due to external forces outside managers’ control. The two constraints on manager’s discretion are the organization’s culture (internal) and the environment (external). Managers aren’t totally constrained by these two factors since they can and do influence their culture and environment. s the characteristics and importance of organizational culture. The seven dimensions of culture are attention to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, stability, and innovation and risk taking. In organizations with strong cultures, employees are more loyal and performance tends to be higher. The stronger a culture becomes, the more it affects the way managers plan, organize, lead, and control. The original source of a culture reflects the vision of organizational founders. A culture is maintained by employee selection practices, the actions of top managers, and socialization processes. Also, culture is transmitted to employees through stories, rituals, material symbols, and language. These elements help employees “learn” what values and behaviors are important as well as who exemplifies those values. The culture affects how managers plan, organize, lead, and control. current issues in organizational culture. The characteristics of an innovative culture are challenge and involvement, freedom, trust and openness, idea time, playfulness/humor, conflict resolution, debates, and risk-taking. A customer-responsive culture has five characteristics: outgoing and friendly employees; jobs with few rigid rules, procedures, and regulations; empowerment; clear roles and expectations; and employees who are conscientious in their desire to please the customer. Workplace spirituality is important because employees are looking for a counterbalance to the stresses and...
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