According to Maslow

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"According to Maslow..."

Psychology 206
Dr. Janolyn Moore

ECPI University

Tiffany N. Turner

I will be using objective and subjective data to compare individuals from different upbringings, but ended up in similar situations. I will be contrasting the similarities in their goals and the differences in how they attained them. I will compare and contrast, who has reached Maslow's level of "Self Actualization," based upon my personal opinions, in regards to how their lives turned out to be. I have compiled information from personal knowledge of some of these people. The people I do not know personally, I have gathered information from their biographies and various other reliable sources. I have compared the individuals using their educational backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and goals attained. I selected individuals who couldn't have been more similar, yet are completely opposite. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those individuals I am referencing from personal knowledge.

I have selected six individuals and divided these individuals into groups of three - based upon their lives in comparison to each other. In each comparison scenario, you will be able to distinguish the similarities in these individuals in the beginning of their lives and recognize the differences in their current life situations.

The manner in which a person behaves, the things a person does and their general character is an indicative factor in the moral values they possess. I do not profess to be a "judge," however, it is inevitable that some individuals will reach self-actualization, while many will not.

According to Maslow, there are five separate life phases an individual must go through in order to reach their full life potential. The phases begin with "basic physiological needs." This simply means that an individual must possess the essentials needed to 'live' life. A person cannot survive without food, water or shelter. These are considered physiological needs, to which the first phase is based upon. The second phase is the need for "safety and security." After an individual has obtained the essentials for living, they must feel safe and secure in wherever they are and whatever they do. Thirdly, is "love and belonging." Maslow theorized that "After safety and security has been established, a person must be loved and have a sense of belonging." After the individual has learned to love and has a sense of belonging, then the self-esteem begins to develop; as "self esteem" is the fourth phase of Maslow's hierarchy. Last, but certainly not least, there is "self actualization." Sadly, many individuals never reach this phase in their lives due to different factors that may vary with every individual. Self actualization is said to be "The level at which a person has reached his or her full potential and is satisfied with their lives."

This research comparison is derived from the past and present of the selected individuals. Using the definitions attached to each phase of Maslow's hierarchy along with personal observation, I have determined which of these individuals have in fact reached the self actualization phase.

In the following text, I will give brief summaries of the individual's lives. From their upbringing, factors that have determined their moral compass and where those morals have taken them in life; whether it be self actualization or them being in phases that have not allowed them to reach self actualization. It is simple to see the world in black and white, but more difficult to see the gray areas. Reaching the level of self actualization does not mean that an individual must become a world leader or a famous poet. Reaching self actualization simply means that an individual has reached the point in their lives that they are satisfied and happy with where they are and what they have become. It is the point at which, an individual is proud of who they are and...
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