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Accolade versus Sega
Beonka Law
Lea 5125
April, 27,2015
Dr. Newton
South University
Locke and Marx Theory
The Locke view on this case would suggest that Sega logical views has been stolen by Accolade in their attempts to reverse engineer their programming, in order to create games that would work on Sega Genesis system. Locke’s theory of private property will say that this programming is a product of Sega engineer labor and their property. So, when Accolade copied the code without permission and then use it they infringed on Sega private property rights. I believe the Utilitarian theory of private property could be use either way. They feel that it is the concept of ownership that gives individuals and organizations incentives to work. Sega argues that Accolades creation of games is removing some their incentives by creating a different view for a product they wish to solely control. Marx position is different from each of the other two I talked about previously. Marx believed that all intellectual property should be shared by society. It’s for the common good and all of society would benefit from collective information sharing. Do I agree that it was stolen?

No, I do not think Accolade really stole Sega’s property. There is no law against reverse engineering. Once someone invents a product they can do to it whatever they wants. The codes were public property. My judgement

No I do not believe they went too far because again it not a law against reverse engineering.

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