Accident Factor

Topics: Tram accident, Accidents, Automobile Pages: 3 (369 words) Published: February 6, 2012


Topic:Accident car in Malaysia
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose:To inform my audience about the causes of accident in Malaysia
Central Idea :Road accident has become one causes of death in
Malaysia every year due to the few factors such as the
Human factor, the vehicles factor and the road


I.Road accidents are horrific events that usually involve the collision of two or
more vehicles on the road or highway

II.We will see a lot of accidents cases on the road in television and newspaper especially during every festive occasion like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and Deepavali

III.The rate of fatality due to accidents in our country is increase year by year

(Transition :Now I will start with the main point that is human factor, the second factor is vehicle factor )

Body of Speech

I.Human factor
- Many driver drives their car in drunk condition, sleepy and unconscious Driver attitudes
- Attitude of feeling like disturbed, depressed, drive fast in a bad mood showed a significant tendency to road accidents

II.Vehicles factor
- The vehicles are poorly maintained and inspected - The vehicle defects such as brake failure
- Vehicles that do not have enough specifications

III.The road condition
- A lot of dangerous corners
- The narrow road - cannot accommodate large number of vehicles - Inadequate infrastructure - traffic lights, signboards, light’s street


I.Road accident in Malaysia is increasing every year and is dangerous to all

II.All people must realize and give more attention to decrease the rate of road

III.The rate of road accidents could be reduced by the various actions including from education,...

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