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It was in 2002, when It happened. My Mom was driving me and my sister to my grandfathers house, it was a bit foggy, I must have been like 500 feet from the house when I was hit. You see, there is a main road the has a small gravel road come off of it, my Mom turned the car to branch off onto the gravel road, when a drunk driving a volunteer fire truck slammed into the side of our van - the side I was sitting in. Our van flipped into a ditch on the side of the road, and the truck was hardly damaged, I guess the gate openers on the front of the tuck helped. my Mom started getting really scared that the van would blow up. Se pushed herself out of the car, and got my sister and I out of the car. My sister had a gashed knee, and I had a cut neck and a broken clavicle. The owner of the house we crashed in front of must have heard the accident and helped, I remember someone put us on their flatbed and helped get the broken glass off of me and my sister. I'm sure it wasn't the volunteer firefighter, he was busy fiddling with our van. A cop showed up, then an ambulance, then a tow truck. Now here's the sick part, the cop saw the volunteer firefighter go in our van and turn off the lights, then he walked over to the cop and tried to tell him that our lights were not on when we had the accident- he was obviously drunk. The firefighter was taken to the police station, and he was somehow let go. I can't remember very well but he was arrested a year later for another drunk driving thing, I heard this from the cop, he was our friend. But yeah, that's my story, if you want to hear more of what happened, um do something. I will be checking in forever so yeah. Bye.
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