Accessibility to clean water

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Accessibility to clean water(Problems associated)
Vietnam is considered as one of the world’s most populated country in the worth since ranked thirteenth in recent survey. Vietnam has a river count of about 2360 rivers in the country with its length of more than 10km.

These rivers serve as important economic values and use. There have been very causes of water pollution which deprives most people in Vietnam access to clean water or even water at all.

The ecosystem around Vietnam’s rivers is eventually dying, as some people would say. The plants keep the soil rich by spreading their roots in the soil. When plants die and decay, soil and sand start to wash away along the river banks. The river banks slowly becoming hard for aquatic life. This is because streams and smaller rivers are drying up.

These actions can rapidly cause erosion in the Earth’s surface. The lack of clean water is one of Vietnam’s most important environmental concerns. At present, it is stated that only about 60% of the Vietnamese population has access to potable water.

A high rate of water loss, which counts for about 32%, escalating the problem. In order to improve upon this problem,

The governmental bodies are trying to establish projects to help provide water supply and development plan with the aim of providing clean water for about 80% of its population by a period of time. Some of these may be listed as:

Disposal of refuse into water bodies
Most people living near water bodies in Vietnam are mostly uneducated and do not care much about health since they live in poverty.

They end up making these water bodies which could be used as accessible drinking water and be used for  other beneficial activities as inaccessible and hard to use. Vietnam, a southeast Asian country, is located downstream of some major rivers, so Vietnam has a large river outline.

The quality of upstream river water is generally good, the downstream parts of major rivers reveal...

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