Access to Internet Has Increased the Occurrence of Unfair Practice at British Universities

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Access to internet has increased the occurrence of unfair practice at British Universities.

Aim of this essay is to make familiarity with Internet terminology. To explain how it is useful for students in their study, what is unfair practice of internet, how students do misuse of internet and how it is eliminated or decreased to a minimum level in education.

Internet is a network in which computers located at different places in world are connected in a network so a user can access the information from any other computer which is connected within the network. Some of the examples of internet usage are downloading free software; sending emails, getting news of different part of world, surfing to find out required information, downloading of music and movies, chatting with people etc. Internet is widely used in corporate sector and also in educational sector. In today‘s education system internet is like basic requirements of students. Students can expand their knowledge by reading materials on different subjects from internet. Students can get number of free downloadable books which can be useful for them in their study. Because of these reasons usage of internet is increased in education. But with its good features its misuse is also increased day by day. Students use internet as a shortcut for their study. Like students have to make assignments, dissertation, case-study etc. They use internet materials directly by doing minor changes in them so they can prevent themselves from the hard work required to complete these things. This is known as Plagiarism. Due to easy availability of internet access and wide range of available information on internet cases of plagiarism increase day by day at British Universities. Possible reasons of increasing plagiarism and how students do plagiarism and suggested effective steps to decrease plagiarism is discussed here.

Internet is easily available to students who pursuing university level education. Students who are doing graduation or post graduation they have to generally write assignments, essays or dissertation on different subjects. Students are at this level feel more comfortable with electronic material than traditional printed copies as there are many books on internet are available for free download. Day by day cases of plagiarism are increased. This is due to wide range of availability of knowledge provider resources via internet. In past cheating and copying other’s work was possible through printed book or reading materials ( Plagiarismandinternet.asp) and so it was more time consuming for students to find out related books and materials while now by typing topic name on Google search engine, student can get list of number of different sites which provide related information. With help of internet student can get information and material for various different fields like from literature to technology. So if students have to make his own assignment or research paper he can go to internet and get various material from different sites and he will do “copy – paste” part of information from these sites put them in proper order and make some word changes and produce it as his own work. So with help of internet which provide wide stock of information and material, student can complete his assignment or essay task in few hours. In university courses students have to study number of different subjects and for these subjects they have to either make research paper or assignment. Probably deadline to submit all assignment at the same day and due to poor time management during whole course, student has pressure of a lot of work so he does not have proper time to find out proper material, to read it, understand it and by this way increasing his knowledge and then make his own paper or assignment in which he uses internet material for providing support of his argument with proper referencing. But this method...

References: 6. Printed versus Internet Plagiarism: A study of student’s perception, Baruchson S., 2004
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