Access To healthcare and baby boomers

Topics: Blood transfusion, Baby boomer, Medicine Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: March 5, 2014
How (if at all) the baby boomers generation will change access to and delivery of long-term care services? What ethical theories support making a treatment decision for a patient even when he or she does not want treatment?

Access to healthcare amongst the baby boomers is something that should be taken into consideration when making decisions in the future. As more and more baby boomers are experiencing the need for healthcare, they also need to be aware of the implications of healthcare as well. This however is not always guaranteed. It is known that there is always a possibility that an elderly person may not be in their right frame of mind. They may show signs of dementia or any other mental degenerative disease. The book states the example of an old woman who makes decisions on her choice to not undergo surgery. The woman may say something that is incoherent. The book states “ From a medical point of view, she would be labeled incompetent” (Morrison, 2014, pg. 130).

It seems like there needs to be more safeguards for situations like this that happen in the future. For instances like these there should be a social worker or psychologist that screens elderly people, especially those who do not have a guardian. Once examined then a professional can determine their activities of daily living (ADL) to determine if a baby boomer is capable of living alone and managing their own lives (Morrison, 2014, pg. 142). This should be implemented in order to address the elderly population that is need of the proper medical care.

Religion is a notable factor to list when discussing ethical theories. Oftentimes there are some religions that refuse certain medical practices. On occasion this can mean life or death for the patient. Competence must also be determined when a patient is refusing service based on religious affiliation. For instance, Jehova’s Witnesses are considered to be competent in refusing a blood transfusion. However if one refused a blood...
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