Access Control Policy

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Acceptable Use Policy/Remote Access Standard Outline
Richman Investments 

This acceptable use policy/Remote Access Standard grants the right for users to gain access to the network of Richman Investments and also binds the said user to follow and abide accordingly to the agreements set forth for network access which is provided below.

Policy guidelines

 The use of peer-to-peer file sharing or externally reachable file transfer protocol (FTP) servers is strictly forbidden.

Downloading executable programs or software from any websites, even known sites, will not be tolerated

The user will not redistribute licensed or copyrighted material without first receiving authorization

Introduction of malicious programs into networks or onto systems will not be Tolerated

Do not attempt to gain access to unauthorized company resources or information From external or internal sources

Sending unsolicited e-mail messages or junk mail to company recipients is prohibited

There will be no accessing of adult content from company resources

Flash Drives for personal use is strictly forbidden

Remote connections from systems failing to meet minimum security requirements will not be allowed

Downloading of any external software (e.g. games, e-books) is strictly prohibited

 Access to social media websites such as, Google, Facebook and Twitter, is prohibited on company resources

Internet use will be monitored by company LAN group

Access to company email is allowed but will be screened by network administrator

1) Secure Access via VPN

Access from remote users to the corporate network will be via secure IPSEC VPN or SSL VPN connections only. This is necessary to secure the connection from the remote device to the corporate network.

• Wired Equivalency Protocol (WEP) will be used as standard on Wi-Fi connections.
• A WEP encryption key will be used.

• The power of access points will be turned down to a...
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