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Topics: Millennium Development Goals, United Nations, Poverty Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Assessing challenges and prospects of providing affordable housing for low and middle income communities in Addis Ababa, the case of kirkos subcity General objectives
The General objective of this study is to assess challenges and prospects of the Millennium Development . Goals. (MDGS) in improving the livelihood of the grass root communities in the case of kirkos subcity and forward recommendations. Specific objective

➢ To identify the challenges of providing affordable housing to low and middle in come communities. ➢ To assess the overhaul housing development program and its implementation process. ➢ To assess the prospects on providing affordable housing to low and middle income community. ➢ To analyze the achievement of housing program in addressing the shelter needs of the low middle income communities. ➢ To provide key strategic for the improvement of housing programmed to address the needs of the low and middle income community by taking local and other countries experience and lessons. 1.2 Organization of the study

➢ This paper contains four chapters.
The chapter one presents the introduction part of the study. Objective of the study research questions, scope of the study, significance of the study chapter two deals with reviewing literature from different studies and conceptual frame works which is related with the topic. Chapter three which is the core of the paper. It deals with the research methodology discussion and analysis the collected data. Finally chapter four provides conclusion and recommendation. 1.5. Research questions

➢ Does the housing program meets its objectives in addressing the low and middle income communities? ➢ What are the main challenges affecting on providing affordable housing to low and middle income.? ➢ What do communities suggest to maximize the benefits of Millennium Development goals.? ➢ What are perceptions of the grass root communities about the benefits...
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