Accenture Delivery Centers

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Accenture Delivery Centers in India
The Accenture Global Delivery Network features robust, rapidly expanding delivery centers in India that provide a comprehensive range of technology capabilities and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Accenture’s workforce in India accounts for more than 40,000 employees. The Accenture Delivery Centers in India are uniquely positioned to leverage our industry expertise, functional capabilities, alliances and technology to produce tangible business results that help our clients achieve high performance. Part of a global network with more than 50 such centers, our Delivery Centers in India benefit from direct access to advanced technologies and specialized capabilities in systems integration, software engineering, BPO and project management. Our Delivery Centers in India add distinctive capabilities to the network’s overall power, combining high levels of quality, innovation and speed in all the work we do. Whether your objective is to reduce cost, augment your staff, or tap Accenture’s skills, our objective remains the same: to create and deliver business value to you.

Accenture Delivery Centers in India: A World-Class Choice for Offshore Outsourcing

The Accenture Delivery Centers in India provide a world-class choice for organizations seeking to leverage the benefits of offshore outsourcing.

Our people are our strength
Befitting the importance that we and our clients attach to quality workforces and work environments, our Delivery Centers in India are staffed with diverse and highly qualified technology and business process professionals. Accenture is one of only a very few companies to have achieved the prestigious People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM®) Level 5 certification, the highest possible rating for personnel proficiency. To ensure that the skills of the professionals on your project are aligned to the highest industry standards, each Accenture professional must devote a minimum of 80 hours to formal training each year. Accenture’s training focuses on quality, delivery methodology, professional development and technology specialization. Accenture also encourages and provides financial support for our employees as they pursue valuable industry certifications.

Financial strength and stability
Accenture operates with a degree of stability and financial strength that is more than reassuring to our technology and outsourcing clients. This strength translates into tangible benefits: the ability to attract and retain the most talented technology and business process professionals in the Indian marketplace; robust systems integration, technology and outsourcing solutions; and a highly developed technology infrastructure with direct connections to our global network. Corporations and governments appreciate the difference: Accenture serves approximately 4,000 clients, including 94 of the Fortune Global 100, and more than two-thirds of the Fortune Global 500. 2

Not surprisingly, Accenture’s career value proposition has great appeal in the Indian marketplace, attracting significant numbers of professionals who seek employment with us. The large number of qualified applications received enables Accenture to be highly selective in our hiring decisions, thereby ensuring that only the best people work on your project.

Cornerstone of the Global Delivery Network
The Accenture Delivery Centers in India are a strategic cornerstone of the Accenture Global Delivery Network, which now serves some 2,100 Accenture clients. The common delivery assets found throughout our network—the methodologies, tools, metrics and architectures utilized by all Accenture professionals worldwide— ensure smooth interaction and collaboration between onshore, nearshore and offshore members of a client’s service team.

Our technology and business process professionals are capable of taking on the most complex and demanding projects with ease, thanks to their extensive training and...
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