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A. Executive Summary

First of all, thanks to management of TARC choose Accenture to be your consultant. Our team assigned to advice TARC the following:

a) Re-inventing Canteen No.2 by developed eight proposals.

We commenced this assignment by interviewed 30 students from different courses and levels as well as 20 epicurean lecturers and staffs who patronize the food stalls. Based on these findings, we had identified some limitations of current canteen. Finally, we propose eight proposals for re-inventing Canteen No. 2.

b) Recommended TARC should proceed with the acquisition of Asgards Ventures Berhad (AVB) by analyzed PE/Growth ratio and four key investing criteria of Warren Buffet.

We had computed the PE/Growth ratio by using Peter Lynch’s formula. From the result, we recommend that TARC should proceed with the acquisition of AVB. In addition, as per Mr. Kim Taeyeon requested, we used four Warren Buffet key criteria praxis to explain the possibility of acquisition. Moreover, we had applied one lesson of Sun Tzu from The Art of War as a management lessons to support the explanation. From all the above findings, TARC should acquire AVB.

c) Compute the financial risk assessment and comment how it affected the liquidity risk of ECF Berhad that invested by TARC.

We have gathered information from TARC’s management that TARC currently has invested in ECF Berhad. We had computed and compared the old and new gearings and interest covers of ECF and the risk rating of the relocation failing to analyze the liquidity risk of ECF. One of the management lessons from “The World Is Flat” also quoted to support the relocation. As a result, ECF has an acceptable liquidity risk.

B. Re-inventing Canteen No.2

As a consultant of Accenture, we had interviewed few students and epicurean lecturers who patronize the food stalls. We had developed eight proposals to improve the canteen as current canteen size unable to cope with the expected increased enrolment of students.

1. Expand the canteen size and increase the number of benches and table by redecorate the canteen with new layout and install more cooling system as well as install lighting.

• The increased number of students would need a larger space and seats. Therefore, the current size of canteen needed to be expanded.

• Besides, install cooling system in canteen enable lecturers and students enjoyed the meal in comfortable environment.

2. Provide wide option of foods for student with different dishes choices.

• Current choice of dishes is very limited and the foods are insufficient to serve all the students and lecturers. Canteen is encouraged to prepare more variety of foods and invite more food stalls to sell in TARC.

• Nowadays, there are more and more people are vegetarian. TARC canteen should provide the vegetarian food. In order to facilitate the Muslims lecturers and students, Halal foods should be served.

3. The quality and hygiene of foods should be increased to maintain the health of students and lecturers in TARC.

• Maintaining of quality food can help TARC’s canteen to attract more students and lecturers having their lunch and dinner in canteen which can improve canteen sales.

• Hygiene and cleanliness of food playing important role to prevent students and lecturers from food poisoning and protect TARC’s image.

• The health of lecturers will be affected if poor quality of food is served which indirectly affect their working performance. With the increase of high quality of food, this will reduce the staff medical leave due to sickness. High performance of teaching can help student to gain more knowledge and achieved high passing rate. As a result, TARC’s reputation will be increased too.

4. Clear display of reasonable and affordable prices.

• Have a...
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