Acceleration due to gravity by picket fence method

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physics honors
Acceleration due to gravity by picket fence method
Varun Kumar Pd 7
Saumya Kapoor & Tonia Li
Acceleration is the increase or decrease in velocity. It can also be described as the rate of change in velocity. Acceleration is represented by the formula:

. In this experiment we look at a specific type of acceleration, Free-Fall. Any object that is being acted upon only by the force of gravity is said to be in a state of free fall. There are two important motion characteristics that are true of free-falling objects; Free-falling objects do not encounter air resistance and all free-falling objects (on Earth) accelerate downwards at a rate of 9.8 m/s2. PROCEDURES & EQUPMENT

- Photogate
- Smart Timer
- Picket Fence
Turn on SmartTimerSet the timer to measure the time and the mode to fence Drop the picket fence down in between the Photogate
Data Table:
DISTANCE Time "t" Time^2 "t^2"
cm m 0 cm 0.00 m 0.000 s 0 s
5 cm 0.05 m 0.0618 s 0.00381924 s
10 cm 0.10 m 0.1002 s 0.01004004 s
15 cm 0.15 m 0.1306 s 0.01765636 s
20 cm 0.20 m 0.1567 s 0.02455989 s
25 cm 0.25 m 0.1789 s 0.03232804 s
30 cm 0.30 m 0.2009 s 0.04036081 s
35 cm 0.35 m 0.2203 s 0.04853209 s

After analyzing the data and linearizing the graph, I have reached the conclusion that the slope of this graph is 5m per 0.03 s. To linearize the graph I had to plug in the values for t2 that I got into the equation, y=1/2gw, when w is t2. Some errors that could have occurred was that I may have recorded the data incorrectly and that could have led to faulty results. Another error that could have happened id that, when dropping the picket fence I didn’t start at the very top making it inaccurate. Some improvement to make this experiment more reliable is to drop the picket fence at the same height , all trials that you make.
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