Accelerated Hunger Mitigation ProgramAHMPFor the determination

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Accelerated Hunger- Mitigation Program(AHMP)

For the determination of the success of the said seminar, it conducted an open forum on the next day to make and assessment and evaluation with regards to the coverage of the topic being discussed.

The participants were asked to group themselves into four (4) groups for the presentation of ideas/information gathered during the seminar.

Each group presented before their colleagues together with the representatives from the Barangay Sasa Health Center their reports.
The result of the said activity is very satisfying for this office to be confident enough that the appointed Barangay Health Workers will be able to perform their responsibilities in conveying promotion of good nutrition, cause and effect of malnutrition and other related topics among the residents specifically to those located in the depressed areas where scarcity of food is very prevalent. Not only those belonging in the lower class family have been suffering from malnutrition, the middle class and higher class family is also suffering the same problem due to lack of knowledge regarding the significance of eating the right kind of food in order to be healthy.

Clarifications were made and salient topics were given emphasis.

In sum, the promotion of good nutrition was fully understood as can be gleaned from their reports.

Thereafter, the meeting was adjourned.

These are the chronological events which occurred after the conduct of the seminar.
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