Accel Due to Gravity ball drop 2part 1

Topics: Acceleration, Velocity, Standard gravity Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: November 6, 2014
Ball Drop Lab 2 NameDate Objective to determine the acceleration of gravity for falling objects to prove that this acceleration is the same for all objects regardless of their mass Apparatus objects to drop, stopwatch, meter stick, Pasco motion sensor Procedure Each group will get 1 object record the balls mass Using a meter stick measure a height (distance) that you are going to drop your ball. Making sure that your initial velocity of the ball is 0 m/s, drop the ball and measure (using the stopwatch) the time that it takes to hit the ground. Repeat at least 5 times (discard any really bad measurements) Calculate average time Use the kinematic equation - d vit at2 to calculate the acceleration due to gravity. Repeat steps 1-6 with 2 more different balls Data Record data from steps 1-5 in lab notebook. Height ball falls - Object nameTime 1 (s)2345Avg timeFace Ball. Ball. Duck. Object nameCalculated Accel of g errorFace Ball9.77.04Metal Ball9.186.4Big Duck10.426.0 Data Data from the Pasco (Motion sensor) part ObjectAcceleration (slope) errorFace Ball9.850.4Metal Ball9.592.2Big Duck9.890.8 Sketch position vs. time graph and velocity vs. time graph (generalized) that you saw during each run in your lab notebook. Pay attention to the type of relationship each show. Questions What did you determine the acceleration of gravity to be with your ball in the first part of the lab 9.79m/s2 What type of curve (relationship) is shown in the position vs. time graphs in the second part of the lab Exponential What type of curve (relationship) is shown in the velocity vs. time graphs in the second part of the lab Linear Does mass have an effect on the acceleration of an object due to gravity No Why/Why not Acceleration due to gravity affects all objects equally when there is no air resistance present because it is a constant force that affects everything. Why are your results better in the second...
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