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Essentials - you must achieve all nine.| | |
Performance Objective| Activity| Performance indicator|
1 Demonstrate the application of professional ethics, value and judgement| Example of relevant activities
Keep up-to-date with all codes of conduct and professional standards. Provide a description of how you have dealt with situations where your professional ethics, values or judgement were challenged Discuss with others (e.g. your manager) how you would deal with situations which could arise in the future where your professional ethics, values or judgement are challenged. Inform clients about the ethical standards that apply to professional activities. Monitor compliance with relevant legislation, standards and regulations and raise any concerns with the appropriate person. Identify the person or persons within your organisation responsible for providing ethical advice or managing compliance with relevant legislation (e.g. money laundering legislation)| To perform effectively you need to

Uphold (and to be seen to uphold) professional ethics, values and standards Behave with integrity and objectivity e.g. act independently and avoid any conflict of interest Maintain professional competence, confidentiality and due care| 2 Contribute to the effective governance of an organisation| Respond to requests for information from senior management and/or decision making bodies Provide information on developments external to organisations e.g. economic, environmental or legislative Help to ensure that meetings in your organisation are well organised and effective| Provide information, at the appropriate time, required by senior management to support decision making Implement organisational policies and procedures in your area of responsibility Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and social requirements in your area of responsibility| 3 Raise awareness of non-financial risk|

Performing, or contributing to, risk assessments e.g. risks to health and safety, risks to achievement of work objectives etc Consulting with risk experts within your organisation
Conducting full and proper client acceptance procedures
Taking part in the development of a Business Continuity/IT Disaster Recovery plan| Evaluate activities in your area and identify potential risks, the nature of the risks, the probability of occurrence and consequence Communicate information on identified risks to relevant people to enable decisions and actions to be taken in terms of accepting or treating the risks Maintain knowledge and understanding of legislative and regulatory requirements in your area of work Consult with others when faced with complex risk issues to ensure that the right decision is made| 4 Manage self| Actively evaluate your own performance and participate in your organisation's appraisal process Identify your own development needs and regularly review your personal development plan Work effectively and reliably to ensure that everything for which you are personally responsible is completed to a high standard Work effectively as part of a team, providing support for others where appropriate Work effectively on partnership/joint projects with workers in other organisations| Prioritise and plan your work to meet objectives, managing conflicting pressures and making best use of time and resources Ensure the quality of your work always meets or exceeds agreed requirements Develop and maintain effective working relationships, being supportive to colleagues where required Actively develop your own skills and knowledge, acting on feedback where appropriate Demonstrate a professional attitude, appropriate to the culture of the organisation in which you work| 5 Communicate effectively|

Chair or actively participate in meetings
Exchange information with colleagues and/or clients to support the achievement of work objectives Make effective use of e-mail
Compile written reports for management or clients
Deliver formal...
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