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The overall objective of this project is to evaluate the accounting system and internal control in general. In addition we need to recommend that the appropriate system being used increase the value of the organization through reducing the obstacles and risk management strategies through effective control.


In our project we choose a ministry to study how the AIS are applied in real life. Mnistry Of Works (MOW) has been choose as the case study. The main objectives of this project are to achieve a sound basic knowledge of how accounting systems function and to reinforce the understanding of the topics that were discussed in accounting information system and internal control. Also promote efficient operations by reducing waste and duplication of effort, and to encourage compliance with company policies and procedure.

Background Of The Ministry:

Ministry of Works (MOW) is a service-oriented government agency that is located along Shaikh Hamad Causeway beside Immigration office. Other Directorates are remotely located in Salmabad, Muharraq, Janabiya, Juffair, etc. because of the nature of their functions and the scarcity of office and laboratory spaces within a single premise. MOW provides various engineering infrastructures in the Kingdom of Bahrain such as construction projects, roads and sanitary drainage, and, as such, is in charge of a large portfolio of projects, the implementation of which requires rigor, responsiveness, flexibility and a high degree of coordination between development partners.

MOW provides public works services in order to contribute to sustainable economic and social development in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to improve the equity and reach of services that is to enhance the quality of life envisioning of becoming a leading professional organization providing quality services.

MOW is entrusted with a major portion of the public works sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the initial capital during its inception in 1975 as Ministry of Works, Electricity, & Water is huge as it covers varied engineering infrastructures.

Expansion and growth of MOW depends on Amiri Decrees. As history tells, the Ministry was established in 1975 in accordance with the Amiri Decree No. 18 as the Ministry of Works, Electricity and Water. It included at the time four Directorates namely Works, Electricity, Water, and Research & Projects.

In 1992, the Ministry was restructured in accordance with the Amiri Decree No. 3, 1992 in two sectors: Public Works and Electricity & Water.

In 1995 a new structure emerged according to the Amiri Decree No. 12, 1995 and the name of the Ministry became Ministry of Works and Agriculture.

In April 2001, it became Ministry of Works. The cabinet changed what took place after the Parliamental elections in November 2002 and added the sector of Housing to the current functions of the Ministry.

Housing sector (formerly Ministry of Housing establish in 1975) is responsible in providing housing services to the citizens of the Kingdom, and likewise, the well-planned programs in order to provide suitable houses to the Bahraini families who are incapable to build houses.

In the late 2007, the Ministry of Housing has been separated from Ministry of Works. As of today, it is called Ministry of Works.

Due to enormous and simultaneous engineering infrastructure projects that needs to be completed, the underlying techniques of MOW to expand through these years are the constant reviews of its organization structure ensuring that appropriate positions are created and filled with high quality people, quality management, project management, sub-contracting and outsourcing other projects, public and private partnership, and strengthening IT infrastructure.

MOW management is totally incomparable with other public...
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