Acc1006 Mis Tutorial 1

Topics: License, Identity theft, Licenses Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: August 25, 2013
ACC1006 MIS tutorial 1
1. No. The fraud triangle consists of three factors that contribute to or are associated with management and employee fraud. These are 1) situational pressure, which includes personal or job-related stresses that could coerce an individual to act dishonestly; 2) opportunity, which involves direct access to assets and/or access to information that controls assets, and 3)ethics, which pertains to one’s character and degree of moral opposition to acts of dishonesty. There are factors other than employees’ integrity that that contribute to obtaining an adequate system security, such as reduce employees’ situational pressure and reduce employees’ opportunities to access the information. Yes, it seems ironic because an employee with integrity will declare his interest to the company if he is confronted by any personal pressure, and he would not consider of doing harm to his company even there is opportunities for him to commit fraud. What should a company do to ensure the integrity of its employees? 1) Establish environment which supports the integrity of the financial reporting process. 2) identification of factors that lead to fraud

3) assess the risk of fraud within the company
4) design and implement internal controls to provide assurance that fraud is being prevented 2. If software is sold and not licensed, the licensor’s ability to control unauthorized uses of its product is significantly curtailed. However, if software is licensed and not sold, the licensee’s rights under the agreement are unduly restricted. The licensing of software is different from the licensing of intellectual property rights alone because it encompasses not only the underlying technology but also the program or “product”. Classifying a transaction as a license or a sale determines which regulator regime governs, which default rules apply, and what rights and remedies are available to each party. In addition, the characterization of the transaction affects...
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